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Daxcon Builders was founded in 2005, since then we have been one of the leading construction companies in the industry. We are experts in design and construction of both commercial and residential premises. We pay maximum attention to client’s needs on the work and work towards executing those features withqualityand hi-end construction techniques. The client’s exact specification of the job, are delivered by our team of expert construction engineers and Architects who have high industrial experience and work in close quarters with the clients to satisfy theirneeds.

Individual House Builders in Chennai One room in the house of peace tavalavitum bed rooms. In some special cases, however, family members can enter the bedrooms guests will occupy the room. Modernity to attract guests into the kitchen of the house to decorate and decorate the level of innovation in the bed room. For newly built houses will be set if the stylistic Bedroom. In the old building, or unchanging, glass and wood pirokkale features. Here are some guidelines to reflect the old bed of the rooms can juggernaut modernization.

  • Couch cushions to place in the room seen in the building. But now there are sofa sets. Sofa cushions that reflect the modern look of the room, adding to the beauty of the physical health and also take part. Kapok, milirkinrana with intricate wood likes being built.
  • In keeping with the tradition of wood without the fancy loaded are loaded by throwing its virippankalai enhance the color.
  • Time to put the furniture in the bedroom is on the rise. Furniture with soft colors, to take care of without much height. The use of the room, bed room furnitures itavacatikkerpa vicalappatutti beautiful show.
  • Bed room with beautiful colors, modern plaster work should be undertaken using brushes. Model beautiful designs that will add enormously to the room to use the brush. As well as two to three colors to reflect adding additional beauty to the room.
  • No. better to avoid the dense colors. Instead vannankalana soft pink, lavender, white, yellow, such as the use of colors, giving warmth. To be included in the drawing room wall paintings and glass gives additional alakait.
  • No. wall lights should be used to replace the lights in the ceilings. Especially at night, the bright lights shining lights using incandescent bulbs should be used for dispensing soft. More dresser, art paintings, etc., soft light to fall on top of the display lights intermingle linked room setup.
  • Will add grandeur to the bedroom to see a lot of glassware.
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